Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor

If you are looking to source a radial piston motor, Hydraulics Online has widespread, competitive access to both leading and niche hydraulic motor manufacturers from around the world and can supply you with a wide range of radial piston motors including: compact radial piston motors, dual displacement radial piston motors, fixed displacement radial piston motors, low speed high torque radial piston motors, two speed radial piston motors and variable displacement radial piston motors. We are also able to offer a repair and refurbishment service on most brands of radial piston motor. We are Dealing In Replacement of Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor : Zihyd Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor JMDG Series, Sai Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor, Intermot Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor, Kawasaki Hydraulic radial Piston Motor, Bignozzi Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor,Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor.

Fixed displacement type. High Torque, Low Speed Radial Piston Motors.

The original series of fixed displacement radial piston hydraulic motors. Available in a wide range of displacements, 100cc-8000cc, it offers very high volumetric efficiency and is ideal for motors requiring high torques and low speeds.


  • Fixed displacement
  • Display range: 100 cc/rev – 8000 cc/rev
  • Wide speed range: 0.5 to 950 rpm
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Interchangeable mounting face

Dual displacement type. High Torque, Low Speed Radial Piston Motors.

The wide range of displacements in the standard series is doubled by the dual displacement of the Hydraulic motors. These “two speed” motors allow the user to provide two different operating conditions with just one motor.

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  • Dual displacement
  • Display range: 0 cc/rev – 5400 cc/rev
  • Wide speed range: 1 to 1000 rpm
  • Freewheeling option
  • Interchangeable mounting face

We are Also Dealing & Replacement Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors Like : Intermot, SAI Hydromotor, Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth, Kawasaki Staffa, JMDG Hydraulic Motor, Danfoss, Parkar, Eaton, Zihyd, M+S Hydraulic Motor etc.